🎉Developing world-class solutions

Tech is Evolving!We are building High-End Solutions.

Technology is evolving first,At Cryptonix Softwares we are helping build high-end solutions to automate how businesses run daily services.

Our Major Focus

To help ship products faster we specialize in this areas,helping our clients understand what we do and what we can offer to their businesses.

Frontend with Next.js

App dir, Routing, Layouts, Loading UI and API routes.

Frontend with React

Server and Client Components. Use hook.

Backend Database

ORM using Prisma and deployed on PlanetScale.


UI components built using Radix UI and styled with Tailwind CSS.


Authentication using NextAuth.js and middlewares.


Start small and grow big with our pricing.

We specialize in both frontend and backend to bring automation to any organization and build secure systems.

Pay as you go, predictable, and transparent pricing

We at Cryptonix Softwares aim at starting small and growing big! Talk to use about pricing.